Friday, September 21, 2012


Hey Guys! No time no blog! Firstly, Im so sorry for no having a blog up! So much has happened, since then! So if you guys watch my youtube channel, follow me on twitter, or on intsagram, you would know that I had my bat mitzvah about 3 weeks ago! If you're not familiar with what a bat mitzvah is you can find multiple definitions on google! I also started 7th grade at a new school! I have some "school" related videos on my beauty and vlog channel!
So as you guys can probably tell I've been pretty busy! I know "being busy" is really the number 1 excuse you guys here from us beauty gurus, but Im really trying to blog more! Be sure to comment or tweet me what you guys would love to see on here!

Im going to have a review up this time tomorrow!

Love You Guys,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

NOTD- Essies Penny Talk

Yesterday I picked up this Essie nail polish, it reminded me of Orly's Rage which I've had my eyes on forever, however this color is a little more gold! I painted my nails with it today, and I love it!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LA IMATS 2012- My Experience

So as some or most of you may know i recently attended LA IMATS, in Pasadena California, the weekend go June 23rd. It was my first IMATS, and let me just say it was amazing! I met so many amazing gurus, a subscriber, and got lots of makeup! It was such an amazing experience! I will be attending IMATS LA 2013 for sure, and maybe NYC IMATS 2013! 

Here you can see a video with all my pictures from IMATS-

~ Madi

Friday, May 25, 2012

OOTD: Summer Casual 5/25/12

Hey Guys So Heres An OOTD From Today (5/25/12) Its Just A Cute Casual Summer OOTD! I know its not Summer yet but is H-O-T today in California! 

So heres an overview of my whole outfit I don't have shoes on yet but I'm going to wear Toms!

Im wearing a crop top from and a tank top from Abercrombie!

My shorts are from Nordstrom and the brand they are from is called JOLT!

Heres my face/hair I just have my hair in a simple ponytail. I have RSVP cream shadow by Benefit, Silk Teddy, and Sexspresso by Too Faced. On my cheeks I have a Tarte cheek stain, I have MSCHIC mascara, and a MSCHIC lipgloss on. I also have a little concealer! 

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whats In MyGlam Bag? - May 2012

Hey guys! So today I thought I would show you whats in May MyGlam!

Im also going to do mini reviews on everything that came in this months bag!

The first thing I received is a sample of the Philosphy Love Sweet Love perfume! I really like this perfume now and the sample was a good size! *THE PICTURE ABOVE IS THE FULL SIZE NOT THE SAMPLE I RECEIVED*

Next is a FULL SIZE Studio Gear Cosmetics Lipstick which retails for $15, MORE THEN THE PRICE OF THE WHOLE BAG! The color that came in the bag is called "Rose Impressiont." The color looks a little scary at first but it comes out as a super pretty brownish red!

Next thing are these Iss Beauty nail stickers. This is the probably my least favorite thing in this months bag. The stickers don't fit my nails very well because i have smaller nails and when you file the top off the heart looks like half of a heart. I was expiating these to be great but I prefer the Sally Hansen nail stickers.

The last thing in this months bag is a "MyGlam Brand" defining eye brush and concealer brush. I don't have any thing bad to say about these but I don't really have anything good to say either. I was expiating them to be OK quality because I've got other "MyGlam" brushes in other bags!

Overall this bag was good! I really like the perfume and lipstick, I also love the bag the products came in! Would you guys like to see more blog posts like these? 

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Youtube Yearbook Tag!

Today I'm doing the youtube yearbook tag which was created by Meghanrosette and MarissaLace!

1. Cutest Couple- I would have to say Blair and Sawyer! They are so cute and I love seeing you tubers date haha! Blair- Sawyer-

2. Class Clown- JENNA MARBLES FOR SURE! I love Jenna Marbles so much! Jenna-

3. Couple That Never Was- I can't really think of an answer to this, I don't follow to many boy you tubers so I wouldn't really know!

4. Dynamic Duo- I would have to say elevenththegorgeous they are so cute together and I love how they always film together! The Duo!

5. Life Of The Party- I have to agree with Meghan and Marissa on this Carly Cristman is for sure the life of ANY party! Carly-

6. Most Likely To Have A Shopping Addiction- I would say FOR SURE it would me Meghan who co-created this tag more than half of her videos are hauls! But who am I to judge I shop a lot too!

7. Worst Case Of Youtuber-itis-  I would have to once again agree with Meghan and Marissa that sparkliebarbiexo has the worst case of it! *if you want to know what this questions means watch Meghans video! Kaceys Channel-

8. Most Changed- I would have to say beautybaby44 has changed A LOT since she started youtube! She used to be shy and quite but no she's developed a youtube personality! Lindseys Channel-

9. Best Dressed- I would have to say sarahbelle93x she's my youtube fashion icon for sure! Sarah-

10. Most Likely To Hit A Subscriber- I would have to say Marissa who co-created this tag I love you Marissa haha!

11. Most Likely To Date Someone Over The Internet- I would have to agree with Meghan and Marissa that Kristee AKA strawberryelectric48 is most likely to date someone on the computer, she has a small obsession with pepeesgallante!

12. Most Likely To Succeed- I would have to say StilaBabe09, Meredith has such an amazing personality she's gonna go far!

I hope you guys liked this Tag!

I TAG ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS! You Can Tweet Me The Video Or BlogPost If You Do This!

Meghans Video Part 1:
Meghans Video Part 2-

Friday, May 11, 2012

Product Rave: Beyond The Beauty Flat Iron

This is honestly the best flat iron ever, Im not going to go to in depth as I have a full review on my youtube channel! This is so great its 100% ceramic plates and has about 20 different heat settings! You can buy it at 

My Video On This: