Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Beauty Trends- 2012

So today I'm gonna talk to you guys about something a little different! I want to share five Spring Beauty Trends with you guys, so lets get started!

Silver Eyeshadow- Now this may sound crazy to you, but this crazy metallic color is very popular this spring! Its been seen all over the runway and on celebrities! 

Red Lips- Over the last couple years red lips have been in a lot for spring and it says true this year! Red lips have been seen a lot on the runway lately!

Neon Pink Lips- Neon has been very in this spring and wearing it on your lips has been the most popular way to do it! I've seen tons of celebrities! 

Doll Lashes- Doll lashes are another thing that have been very popular on the runway, the give your eyes a unique look and are very in this spring!

Winged Liner- This last trend has been very popular both on the red carpet, and on the runway. Ive even seen this rocked with the red lips look!

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