Friday, September 21, 2012


Hey Guys! No time no blog! Firstly, Im so sorry for no having a blog up! So much has happened, since then! So if you guys watch my youtube channel, follow me on twitter, or on intsagram, you would know that I had my bat mitzvah about 3 weeks ago! If you're not familiar with what a bat mitzvah is you can find multiple definitions on google! I also started 7th grade at a new school! I have some "school" related videos on my beauty and vlog channel!
So as you guys can probably tell I've been pretty busy! I know "being busy" is really the number 1 excuse you guys here from us beauty gurus, but Im really trying to blog more! Be sure to comment or tweet me what you guys would love to see on here!

Im going to have a review up this time tomorrow!

Love You Guys,

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