Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whats In MyGlam Bag? - May 2012

Hey guys! So today I thought I would show you whats in May MyGlam!

Im also going to do mini reviews on everything that came in this months bag!

The first thing I received is a sample of the Philosphy Love Sweet Love perfume! I really like this perfume now and the sample was a good size! *THE PICTURE ABOVE IS THE FULL SIZE NOT THE SAMPLE I RECEIVED*

Next is a FULL SIZE Studio Gear Cosmetics Lipstick which retails for $15, MORE THEN THE PRICE OF THE WHOLE BAG! The color that came in the bag is called "Rose Impressiont." The color looks a little scary at first but it comes out as a super pretty brownish red!

Next thing are these Iss Beauty nail stickers. This is the probably my least favorite thing in this months bag. The stickers don't fit my nails very well because i have smaller nails and when you file the top off the heart looks like half of a heart. I was expiating these to be great but I prefer the Sally Hansen nail stickers.

The last thing in this months bag is a "MyGlam Brand" defining eye brush and concealer brush. I don't have any thing bad to say about these but I don't really have anything good to say either. I was expiating them to be OK quality because I've got other "MyGlam" brushes in other bags!

Overall this bag was good! I really like the perfume and lipstick, I also love the bag the products came in! Would you guys like to see more blog posts like these? 

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