Saturday, May 12, 2012

Youtube Yearbook Tag!

Today I'm doing the youtube yearbook tag which was created by Meghanrosette and MarissaLace!

1. Cutest Couple- I would have to say Blair and Sawyer! They are so cute and I love seeing you tubers date haha! Blair- Sawyer-

2. Class Clown- JENNA MARBLES FOR SURE! I love Jenna Marbles so much! Jenna-

3. Couple That Never Was- I can't really think of an answer to this, I don't follow to many boy you tubers so I wouldn't really know!

4. Dynamic Duo- I would have to say elevenththegorgeous they are so cute together and I love how they always film together! The Duo!

5. Life Of The Party- I have to agree with Meghan and Marissa on this Carly Cristman is for sure the life of ANY party! Carly-

6. Most Likely To Have A Shopping Addiction- I would say FOR SURE it would me Meghan who co-created this tag more than half of her videos are hauls! But who am I to judge I shop a lot too!

7. Worst Case Of Youtuber-itis-  I would have to once again agree with Meghan and Marissa that sparkliebarbiexo has the worst case of it! *if you want to know what this questions means watch Meghans video! Kaceys Channel-

8. Most Changed- I would have to say beautybaby44 has changed A LOT since she started youtube! She used to be shy and quite but no she's developed a youtube personality! Lindseys Channel-

9. Best Dressed- I would have to say sarahbelle93x she's my youtube fashion icon for sure! Sarah-

10. Most Likely To Hit A Subscriber- I would have to say Marissa who co-created this tag I love you Marissa haha!

11. Most Likely To Date Someone Over The Internet- I would have to agree with Meghan and Marissa that Kristee AKA strawberryelectric48 is most likely to date someone on the computer, she has a small obsession with pepeesgallante!

12. Most Likely To Succeed- I would have to say StilaBabe09, Meredith has such an amazing personality she's gonna go far!

I hope you guys liked this Tag!

I TAG ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS! You Can Tweet Me The Video Or BlogPost If You Do This!

Meghans Video Part 1:
Meghans Video Part 2-

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